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Surgical Consumables
Non-absorbable Surgical Suture

Suture Material available:
Absorbable Surgical Suture:
Polyglacolic acid (PGA)        
Polyglacolic acid rapid (PGAR)
Poliglactine 910 (PGLA)
Polyglecoprane (PGCL)  
Non-absorbable Suture:
Silk Braided(SK)       
Nylon suture(NL)     
Polypropylene (PM)   
Polyester Suture(PB)
Stainless steel(SS)
Diameter of sutures: USP 10/0-USP3  
Thread length: 45, 70, 75, 90,100,150 and 180cm, also will supply according customer's requirement..
Ways of sterilization: sterilized by Ethylene oxide(E.O) and  Gamma radiation
Packing: 12 ( or 24 or 36) pieces/box ;   50 boxes/carton
MOQ: 10 000pcs
Surgical Needle:
Cross-sections of needle point: Round body, reloj de imitacion  Cutting Edge, Reverse Cutting ,  Mircro-Spatula, Taper Cut...
Needle shapes: 1/2, 3/8, ¼ and 5/8 circle, half curved/straight
Needle length: 6mm to 90mm
Needle matieral: SUS304 stainless steel wire imported from Japan
We can produce other sizes. Send us your request.
CE, ISO and FDA Certification
OEM Welcome. 
Quality Control.
2 Sales Office: one in China, other in Europe
24/24hours in touch.