Our Offer?

replika klockor Our products are disposed by 5 main Areas of medical disposable, medical consumables and medical tests. They are:

replica uhren deutschland 1-Medical Consumables
2-Syringes & Needles
3-Gauzes & Bandage
4-Sterilization products
5-One Step Rapid Tests

Those are the 5 main Areas of My Medical. In all of the products included on them we will give you the guarantee of doing the best business, buying high range quality products for a very competitive price. We work hard to have in each area a full range of products that can fulfill your needs as well as we can produce any other product as per your need and requirement. Read our partners as well implanty zębów białystok.

How can I contact My Medical?

We are available and connected 24/24 hours. To be available in all world time zones we have sales offices in China and Europe. This strategic locations give our partners and clients the possibility of any support need on the different countries all over the world. Our answer to the requests are fast and objective. We look forward to answer replicas de relojes clear and assertive to all the inquiries and orders. Our teams are equipped with fast answers devices, with the most popular apps (whats app, skype, Alibaba Trade Manager) and last generation smart phones to be in touch “just in time”.

What can you order from us?

Please see below our full products range sorted by Product Area:

1-Medical Consumables:
Lab coats, Visitant, Patient, Surgical Gown and Scrub Suits; Pregnancy gown and Kimonos;
Sleeve covers, shoe covers, surgeon caps and bouffant caps; Face masks and examination gloves;
Emergency kits; And much more references.

2-Syringes & Needles:
Disposable syringes with and without hypodermic needles; Insulin syringes; Disposable needles only; Disposable Infusion sets; Scalp vein sets. And more references being tested for being part of our offer in the future.

3-Gauzes & Bandage:
Gauze sponges,replique montres non-sterile and sterile Gauze bandage, non-sterile and sterile Gauze Roll, non-sterile and sterile Laparotomy sponges, non-sterile and sterile Paraffin gauze, sterile Bandages and Tapes And much more references.

4-Sterilization Products:
Self-sealing Sterilization pouch; Sterilization Flat Roll; Medical Sterilization Wrapping paper;
Steam Sterilization Indicator Tape; Steam Sterilization Indicator Strip; Automatic sealing machine.

5-One Step Rapid Tests:
Hepatitis Series: HAV and HEV tests and Dengue IgG&IgM and NSI test;
Fertility Tests: LH (Ovulation) and HCG (urine pregnancy test);
Infectious Diseases Test: HBV (5in1), HBsAg, Anti-HCV, H. Pylory test and Malaria test;
Sexually Transmitted Diseases Tests: Anti-HIV 1+2 Test and NGR test;
Drug of Abuse tests: Morphine, MET, Cocaine, TCA, Marijuana, Amphetamine test, Benzodiazepine, Methadone, Ecstasy, Barbial and Buprenorphie test.