Syringes & Needles
1- The Syringes and Needles are sterile products?
Yes, they are.
2-Can I buy disposable syringes and disposable needles?
Yes, I can. We sell booth.
3-Can I buy syringes with needles?
Yes, I can we sell the two items together.
4-Can I buy luer slip and luer lock syringes?
Yes, I can.
5-The price for a luer lock and a luer slip syringe it´s different?
No. Have the same price.
6-Our syringes are safety?
Yes, they are. The syringes are made with medical grade PP material. Are packed in high quality PE bag. All or syringes are EO-sterilized, non-toxic and non-pyrogenic.
7-What are the sizes of disposable syringes available?
2ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 50 and 60ml.
8-What kind of disposable syringe package I can order?
I can order individual package: PE bag and blister package. 
8.1. What is the most expensive?
The blister package.
9-What are the sizes of disposable needles available?
All the sizes: 14G, 15G, 16G, 18G, 19G, 20G, 21G, 22G, 23G, 24G, 25G, 26G, 27G, 30G, and 31G.
10-The price of each needle it´s different?
No. They have the same price.
11-What´s the difference between Disposable needle and hypodermic needle?
None. It´s the same, with the same price.
12-What kind of disposable needles package I can order?
I can order on a blister or in bulk.
13-Your quotations are in EXW price or FOB price?
Fob price.
14-Your prices are FOB from where?
FOB Qingdao Price, but we can provide Shanghai FOB prices.
14.1- Qingdao FOB price why?
Qingdao it´s the location of our factory. Qingdao it´s the fourth largest port in China, main port for north area. This strategic location give us the opportunity to have a competitive price.
15-Can the costumer mixed syringes and needles on a container?
Yes, you can. They only have to order the MOQ of each product.
16-What is the MOQ of a disposable syringe with or without needle?
The MOQ it´s 200 000pcs for 2m, 3ml, 5ml and 10ml; and for 50ml it´s 100 000pcs.
17-What is the MOQ of a disposable needle (only)?
The MOQ it´s 300 000pcs for each one.
18-How many pieces of disposable products fill up a 1x20´container?
For this information it´s better contact us: or
19-Your Company accept OEM design?
Yes, we accept, if you order the fooling quantities:
Disposable Syringes – 300 000pcs
Disposable Needles – 500 000pcs
20-If I want place an order with OEM design less than a container you accepts OEM design?
Yes, if you pay the mold fee and the printing costs.
21-How much it is the mold fee and printing costs?
We need to check your Logo first. Send us your requirement: or
22-Can you provide samples of your products?
Yes, we can. Send to us your Express courier account number and we send to you.
23-The samples are free or need to be paid?
Standard samples are free. Customized samples must be paid.
24-How much it´s a sample customized?
Depends of your Logo and design requirements.
25-All your products have certification?
Yes, they have. GB/T19001-2000/ISO9001:2000; ISO9001:2000,YY/T0287-2003/ISO13485 and CE Certificate.
26-Standard Delivery time for a sample production?
10-15 days
27-Standard Delivery time for a 1x20´ order?
28-Standard Delivery time for 1x40´order?
29-Do you accept an inspection at your factory?
Yes, we accept.
30-Price Validity?
Validity only on the month of the quotation.
31-Payment Condition?
Term: 30%.depoisit before the production and balance 70% before the shipment
32-Holidays for 2015?
New Year: Jan.1-3
Chinese Festival: Feb. 10-Mar. 10
Tomb-sweeping Day: Apr.3-5
Labor Day: May 1-3
Dragon Boat Festival: June 20-22
Mid-Autumn Festival: Sept.26-28
National Day: Oct. 1-7