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Child-Birth Emergency Kit

Child-Birth Emergency Kit

2 Sterile Bags:
First bag are all items necessary for the care and protection during delivery
Second bag are the essential components for the replica rolex provision of the 1st care for mother and baby
First bag:
1pcs - Surgical Gown, L, 45g SMS
1pcs - Plastic Apron, 69x107cm
1pcs - Sheet Non-woven 120x150cm SMS 45g
1pcs - Mask with elastic
2pcs - Surgical Gloves
2pcs - Towels hands 35x36
6pcs - Gauze compresses 10x10cm
1pcs - Bag for trash
Second bag:
6pcs - Gauze compresses 10x10cm
4pcs - Towels hands 35x36
1pcs - Baby Sheet 90x80cm, 60g spunlace nonwoven
1pcs - Cutting device and clamping the umbilical card
1pcs - Pear rubber
1pcs - Sanitary napkin 10x30cm
1pcs - Bag for trash
8pcs - Disinfectant wipes of ethyl alcochol 70% vol.
Packing Details: 2bag/box, 8 boxes/carton, 0.120 cbm
MOQ: 2000 Kits
CE, ISO Certification
OEM are Welcome. 
Quality Control.
2 Sales Office: one in China, other in Europe
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